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Dominion Lending Centres is one of Canada's largest mortgage brokerage companies. We can find deals you won't see anywhere else.

Sometimes, we can even get you a better rate from your own bank than what you'd get at your local bank branch.

Plus, you get unbiased advice from an experienced mortgage broker that is dedicated to you.

We would be honoured to have you as our next valued client.

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Our Team

Catherine Evel
Principal Mortgage Broker / Owner
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Catherine Evel discovered her passion for the mortgage industry in 1999, following a diverse career that began with working as a sales representative for a trucking company and later owning and managing a successful carpet cleaning business. Her experiences eventually led her to a role as a Small Business Account Manager at CIBC, where she found herself drawn to the world of mortgages.

In 2009, Catherine established Dominion Lending Centres Homestead Financial, leveraging her expertise and dedication to helping clients navigate the complexities of mortgage financing. Her hard work and commitment have not gone unnoticed, and she has been recognized in the Top 75 Canadian Mortgage Brokers.

Catherine's career path has continued to evolve as she now works alongside her son, Richard Hopkins, forming a dynamic team that combines her wealth of experience with his innovative approach to client service.

Away from her professional life, Catherine enjoys exercising, reading, gardening, and enjoying outdoor activities such as camping and boating.

Richard Hopkins
Mortgage Broker
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From a young age, Richard Hopkins was exposed to the world of mortgages through his mother, Catherine Evel, who has been a successful mortgage professional since 1999. After completing a financial services program at Mohawk College, Richard initially ventured into life insurance, but he soon realized that the mortgage industry was a better fit for him. With his mother's extensive experience and the natural advantage of their close relationship, he decided to follow in her footsteps.

In March 2013, Richard began his career in the mortgage business, working side by side Catherine. With a passion for efficiency, he transformed their paper-based filing system into a modern, streamlined process, ensuring clients received the best possible experience. Since then, Richard has continued to build on Catherine's legacy.

Richard is known for his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, promptly addressing their needs with clear communication throughout the entire mortgage process. His commitment to excellence has earned him a stellar reputation as an expert in the field.

Away from the office, Richard is married to his wife Stephanie, and enjoys spending time with their adorable Golden Retriever puppy, Loki.

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