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Catherine Evel and Richard Hopkins Mortgage Broker Team
Catherine Evel & Richard Hopkins Mortgage Team
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Welcome to Dominion Lending Centres Homestead Financial, where we achieve your home buying and mortgage financing goals.

If you're buying a home, refinancing, or renewing, we'll get you the perfect mortgage for your unique needs.

With us, you're not just another client... you're family. And we are there for you every step of the way.

Take the First Step Towards Your Mortgage Goals Now!

Dominion Lending Centres
Homestead Financial

Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

We have over 25 years of experience and we have funded over 2,500 mortgages. We know how each of the lenders work, their strengths and weaknesses, what to look out for, how to get you approved for more, and with the lowest rate possible.

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25 Years of Mortgage Broker Experience

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Over 2,500 mortgages funded

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Navigate Your Mortgage with Confidence and Ease

Facing a mortgage decision? Feel the weight lifting off your shoulders as you realize you don't have to face it alone.

With us, you don't just receive guidance – you gain a partner. You don't have to spend countless hours deciphering terms, analyzing rates, or worrying about making the right decision. We'll do it all for you.

From start to finish, our experienced team takes the reins, making your mortgage process incredibly easy. We'll handle the details, provide you with personalized advice, and keep you informed without overwhelming you.

Our Service is FREE

Take full advantage of our 24 years of experience and mortgage expertise for FREE!

We are paid by the bank, and only after your mortgage has funded.

Yes, that means sometimes we don't get paid for our efforts, but we're okay with that.

Yes, we understand that sometimes you just want some information from an expert and aren't ready to get your mortgage immediately, and we're okay with that too. We'll be here for you when you're ready.

The only time a brokerage fee would be applicable is if we need to use a subprime lender or a private lender to achieve your goals. We will discuss this if applicable and there will be no surprises or hidden fees.

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You Don't Need to Change Your Banking

You do not need to open a new bank account or change your banking habits.

Keep doing what you're doing now and still enjoy all the same benefits.

Unbeatable Rates

Imagine the joy of securing the perfect mortgage rate, customized to your unique needs. Our dedicated team at Dominion Lending Centres is here to turn that dream into reality.

What's the best rate for you? It depends on many things. These include the type of property, property value, mortgage type, whether it's insured, insurable, or conventional, the loan-to-value, and the term and amortization length. Plus, things like your options at renewal, whether you can transfer your mortgage to another property if you move, and how the penalty for early payout is calculated.

You might find it surprising, but sometimes the lowest possible rate available can end up costing you more money in the end.

Our job is to save you the most money as well as get you the best rate.

We're serious about getting you the best rate, saving you the most money, and giving you the best experience so that you will be a repeat client, refer your friends, and never have buyers remorse.

Beware of advertisers who bait you with seemingly attractive low rates, only to disclose later that it comes with unideal terms, or has strict eligibility.

We believe in transparency and trust, not bait-and-switch tactics. As part of one of Canada's largest mortgage company, Dominion Lending Centres - the #1 originators of mortgages in Canada (more than any of the big banks), we leverage our volume discounts to pass incredible savings on to you.

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Get Your Questions Answered Quickly and Thoroughly

We genuinely care about you and your success. You are never bothering us with your questions. If you have more questions, keep them coming!

Having a hard time understanding something? We will give you as much personal attention as you need to feel absolute confidence.

Anywhere in Ontario

We have clients all over Ontario so you too can enjoy our 5-star service wherever you live in Ontario.

If you want to meet in person we can, however it's not required.

Everything can be done from the comfort of your home using your preferred communication type: Email, Phone, Text, FaceTime, Zoom etc.

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Self-Employed Borrowers Are Welcome

Self Employed? No Problem. Mortgages for self-employed borrowers are one of our specialties. Even if you're newly self-employed there are options for you. Get started with us now and learn how we can help.

Credit Blemishes Are No Problem

Whether you're purchasing or refinancing, there are still options even if you have credit issues.

There's no judgment from us we just want to help get you on the right track.

Don't let a credit blemish stop you from achieving your financial goals.

Approvals based on equity are also an option. If we can't get you an approval, chances are no one can.

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Discover Your Mortgage Options Now.


What is the difference between a mortgage broker and my bank?

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When you work with a mortgage broker, you get access to a variety of mortgage products. Mortgage brokers work with a variety of lenders, which allows them to find the best mortgage for you. This is in contrast to banks, which can only offer their own products.

Buying a home, refinancing, or renewing your mortgage can be one of the biggest financial decisions you ever make, so it's important to get professional, unbiased advice.

A mortgage broker works for you, not the bank.

Working with a mortgage broker is also more convenient. Bank employees typically have quotas for the number of in-person appointments they must have each week, which wastes your time.

We know you’re busy and won't make you drive out of your way for an in-person meeting unless that's what you want. You can get started in minutes with our online mortgage application, from anywhere.

According to a 2019 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) survey, mortgage brokers represented 47% of total mortgage originations in 2019, up from 40% in 2009 and up from 26% in 2003. This means that more and more people are catching on to the benefit of working with an experienced mortgage broker. Get Started Today!

We Serve Everyone!

Bank Employees
Police Officers
Small Business Owners
IT & Tech Specialists
Military Personnel
Newly Weds
Emergency Responders

Are there fees to use a mortgage broker?

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There are no additional fees to use a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers get paid by the lender based on the mortgage amount, ensuring our services are free for you to enjoy. In cases of subprime and private lending (typically related to credit issues or unverifiable income), there may be a fee depending on which lender is chosen. There are no hidden fees. We maintain full transparency and disclosure throughout the process. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Are You Government Licensed?

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Yes! Dominion Lending Centres Homestead Financial is a licensed mortgage broker in Ontario. Great question. Our license number with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is 11711. FSRA was previously called the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Verify we are licensed on the FSRA website.

What documents will you require?

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The documents we need will depend on your goal and situation. The most important documents are proof of income and proof of down payment (if purchasing). Once we understand your situation we will provide you with a full list of the documents that will be required. Get Started now and find out!

How does your privacy security compare to other brokers?

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We understand the paramount importance of privacy and confidentiality in the mortgage business, and we've taken extreme measures to ensure your data's security. Our email system is powered by Google Workspaces, utilized by government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, employing the highest standards of encryption technologies like TLS and S/MIME. But we don't stop there.

Our client data is stored securely through Salesforce, a platform recognized for its high level of security. With Salesforce, your data is never left vulnerable it's secured in an impenetrable vault. We take pride in having never experienced a data breach or privacy issue since starting as a mortgage professional in 1999.

Being technologically proficient, we continuously evolve and ensure that our security measures are always at the highest standard. Your security and confidentiality aren't merely promises; they are our core values. Your data is not only safe with us but guarded with an unmatched level of protection that sets us head and shoulders above less technology competent competitors who might leave your data sitting in an excel file on their laptop computer. Trust us with your financial future; we'll protect it as if it were our own.

Can we meet in person?

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Yes, we can. We're located in Waterdown, Ontario. However, we do work with clients all over Ontario without ever meeting in person.

We understand people are busy and scheduling an in-person meeting can be a burden. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home using your preferred communication type: Email, Phone, Text, FaceTime, Zoom etc. It's up to you!

Do you have private mortgage lenders available?

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Yes, we do. We have access to multiple private mortgage lenders across Ontario with competitive rates and terms.

We have access to over 35 lenders, including banks, credit unions, trusts and private lending options.

Learn Your Mortgage Options Today!


"What a great experience it was dealing with Catherine. She was incredibly helpful and organized, and truly puts her clients first. It is clear she loves what she does, and she has years of knowledge behind her. I would recommend dealing with Catherine for your mortgage needs over and over again."

Chelsea McShane

"Well I will have to say the she has litterly saved me, and was extremely attenetive to my needs and gave so many suggestions and really took the time for me, anyone that has used her in the past? Knows what I mean, she took time to ask the questions that were important at a time I really needed her professional opinions and she 100% delivered it all. I never felt pressure to do what I didn't understand, and to this day she always takes time to answer my questions, Thanks so much to Catherine and your staff for making smart Well thought out suggestions. Also thanks to the lenders as well. SINCERELY Rick Katerenchuk"

Rick Katerenchuk

“We had a fantastic experience working with Catherine. She is very professional, informative, and responsive. She helped us through the process of securing a mortgage for a new build and we knew we were in good hands from the beginning. We will certainly be using her in the future and would recommend her to anyone.”

John Liotta

“Catherine was absolutely amazing! I was a first time home-buyer and she was there to answer any questions I had (and there were a lot!) and never made me feel like I was bugging her. Her response time was absolutely incredible and I know I was getting the best service with her. 100% recommend Catherine to anyone :)”

Leah Hyslop-Personal

“Catherine did an outstanding job helping with the purchase our new home. She's a dedicated professional and thanks for your hard work.”

Greg Risebrough

“Wonderful experience, very knowledgeable . Thank you for your help throughout the mortgage process. Very well recommended”

Grace Kas

“Our experience with Catherine and her team was amazing again! She always anticipates our needs and goes the extra mile to make sure we are not only happy but in a better financial situation when the deal is done. We have been working with Catherine for years, and will continue to do so.”

Jeannette Macfarlane

“Catherine was extremely helpful. Always quick to respond, answering all of our questions in detail. Would definitely recommend.”

Corrie Rabey

“Catherine and her team provided us with exceptional support during the purchase of our property. She went above and beyond and made our dream come true. would highly recommend her services.”

Jason Mcclelland

“Catherine is absolutely delightful to work with and we were very happy with her service. She always returns calls promptly and takes an interest in your file. This is the fifth time we used her services for a home purchase. We would certainly use her again and would have no hesitation to recommend her to all of our friends and family!”

Frank Phillips

“Great experience working with Catherine on buying our first home !”

yll konjufca

“Catherine would be the most attentive and thorough mortgage lender I have ever dealt with in 20 years. The application process from start to finish was swift and seamless and approval in 24hrs, with Catherine walking us through every step. The whole mortgage process was explained in detail and followed up with prompt email correspondence. I would highly recommend Catherine to anyone considering a new mortgage or refinance, this was without question a very pleasant experience.”

Darren Heaft

“Very professional and helpful! Catherine found me a great mortgage at a good rate at a real bank. Catherine was also helpful with us who are technology slow. Great help will definitely recommend.”


“Catherine is so nice to work with. As someone who doesn't understand the mortgage world very well, she really takes the time to ensure you understand the process and does a fantastic job at ensuring you are receiving the best option for your life situation. Highly recommend.”

Katie Meagher

“Catherine was friendly and knowledgeable and answered all questions we had - highly recommend!”

Mike Schenk

“Catherine is the best, very organized, detail oriented and she gets the job done ON TIME, also I appretiate your prompt response to my phone calls or emails. Thanks Catherine for making our mortgage part the smothest in buying and selling process.”

Mina Botros

“Catherine was extremely helpful through the mortgage process. Our home-buying and mortgage knowledge had definitely diminished since our last purchase, so we wanted to work with someone who knew the market, was aware of its conditions and prospective, and could provide the guidance that we needed. Catherine was that person and our experience with her was excellent.”

Chris Kemp

“Again, the most intelligent, strong and dedicated advocate for my family!”

Gene Roe

“We had such an amazing experience working with Catherine throughout the process of purchasing our first home. She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and was always quick to respond to emails or phone calls (even on evenings or weekends). From the moment we met her, we knew that we were in good hands. If you are in search of a Mortgage Broker who genuinely cares about their clients, look no further than Catherine Evel! : )”

Alexandra Murzin

“I’ve been dealing with Catherine for over 20 years and she’s done numerous mortgages for me and has never disappointed. Just a great lady to deal with”

Wayne P

“Dominion Lending was able to help my family get out of our financial situation very quickly and very professionally. Catherine was able to secure a lender for us when other company's were not able. We highly recommend using her company.”


“Catherine Evel & her team provided outstanding service again ! Professional, efficient & always respond promptly. Would highly recommend for any mortgage solutions! We have had Catherine working for us multiple times and they are the best!”

J Stainton

“Our experience with Catherine was incredible. As a first-time home buyer, I could not have asked for a better experience in what I expected to be quite stressful. Her professionalism, responsiveness, attention to detail, and overall knowledge of the entire home buying process made her such a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a Mortgage Broker, Catherine has to be your choice!”

Scott Smith

“I just completed restructuring my mortgage with Catherine Evel at Dominion Lending Centres. Catherine took all of the legwork out of the process and gave great advice too! Made me wonder why I did it on my own last time. Excellent Catherine! Thank you very much!”

Susan Healy

“My expectations are consistently exceeded when dealing with Catherine. I have always dealt directly with Banks for my mortgage needs and can say that this experience with a Broker has been incredible. Catherine is there when we need her, she keeps us grounded so that we make the right decision in this nutty market we find ourselves in. While we are still looking for that perfect Investment Property, I would not have wanted to spend the last several months on this journey with any other than Catherine. When our primary residence mortgage comes up for renewal I know exactly who I will be calling. ... and now I can add that the mortgage experience was also 10/10 as we were able to make that purchase and go through the process with Catherine leading the charge! Thank you for everything!”

Sherry Joseph

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