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Homestead Financial is a franchise of Dominion Lending Centers and is owned and operated by accredited mortgage professional Catherine Evel.

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About Catherine

Mortgage Brokering Since 1999

Catherine has been doing mortgages since 1999. Before entering the world of mortgages she was a Small Business Account Manager with CIBC, and previous to that owned a small business in another industry. She started Homestead Financial in 2009 and has been recognized in the top 75 Canadian Mortgage Brokers list most years since.

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Working With Us

Over Two Decades of Mortgage Brokering Experience

Catherine Evel, Broker, and Owner of Homestead Financial has been mortgage brokering day-in and day-out since 1999. Have confidence you're working with an expert.

Fast Approvals

Approvals often back within 24 hours. We work quickly and keep you informed along the way. No waiting around with uncertainty.

No In-Person Meeting Required

We're happy to meet you in person (by appointment) however, it's not required! Everything can be done via phone, email, and DocuSign.

We Have Access to More Products

Having the best rates and mortgage products is our business. We work with most major Canadian banks, Credit Unions, and all major monoline lenders. We also have a large selection of subprime and private lenders.

Save Time and Energy

We'll shop the market for you, answer all of your questions, and explain everything thoroughly. Working with us is simple and convenient. The entire process can be done from the comfort of your home if this is what you prefer.

Anywhere in Ontario

We have clients all over Ontario. You can enjoy our 5-star service wherever you live in Ontario.

There Is No Cost for Our Services

Leverage our years of experience and mortgage expertise for free. We are paid by the lender only after your mortgage funds.

We Can Cater to Self-Employed Borrowers

Self Employed? No Problem. Mortgage for self-employed borrowers is one of our specialties. Call us today to learn how we can help.

We Can Cater to People with Credit Blemishes

Purchase or Refinance. Get Approved based on Equity. Don't let a credit blemish stop you from achieving your financial goals.

Our Business Is Built on Referrals

We love our clients and do everything possible to provide a "WOW!" experience. The majority of the mortgages we do are from repeat clients and their referrals!

Let's talk!

We'll hold your hand through the entire process and keep you updated along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to purchase, refinance, or renew your mortgage we can help. We do about 50/50 purchases and refinances. Our purchasing clients range from first-time homebuyers to experienced real estate investors. Let's discuss your needs and how we can help you!

Mortgage brokers get paid by the lender based on the mortgage amount so there are no fees for you to use our service. The only time there may be a fee is when it comes to subprime and private lending (this would be due to credit issues or unverifiable income). There are no hidden fees and everything is disclosed and very transparent.

The documents we need will depend on your goal and situation. The most important documents are proof of income and proof of down payment (if purchasing). Once we understand your situation we will provide you with a full list of the documents that will be required.

Yes, we can. My office is located in Waterdown, Ontario. We can schedule an appointment to meet in person if that is your preference. However, I do work with clients all over Ontario, and most people I don't meet in person. It's an option but not a requirement. We understand people are busy and co-ordinating an in-person meeting can be tough. If it's important to you however, I'll accommodate you and we can meet :)

Chances are we can place your mortgage with your bank and potentially even with a better rate. There's a lot of reasons to use a broker. Time savings is a huge one. Another major advantage is the confidence you get from working with an expert.

Almost on a monthly basis, I will get a call from someone who thought they were pre-approved with their bank but it turns out the person they were dealing with at their branch wasn't competent, and I have to save the day. In a time period where most purchase offers are being made unconditionally, it's especially important to work with an expert broker with experience.

Having the best rates and mortgage products is our business. We want you to be happy, come back for your future needs, and refer your friends!

Our relationships with the various banks and lenders give us some preferred rate treatment as well so there are times it's possible that we can get you a better rate from your bank than you could at the branch.

Rates advertisements naturally always flash the lowest possible rates to pull in your attention but those are not always applicable to everyone (e.g. Insured purchases *less than 20% down* have lower rates than conventional mortgages *20% down or higher* because they're less risk to the bank/lender). As much as a rate is number one on your list, there are arguably a few much more important items that are worth considering in addition to rate. They are things that should be discussed nonetheless, such as collateral charge registration, prepayment privileges, fixed vs. variable, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, 5-year fixed, prepayment penalties (big one!), etc.

I look forward to discussing your needs and situation and providing you with your best options.

First, we gather your information over the phone, email, or through our secure online mortgage application. From there we'll ask any questions if there is anything that needs clarification and tell you what documents will be required.

Once you've provided documents we can process your file and provide you with detailed information of what's possible and how all the numbers could look. You can now begin your home search. If you already have an offer to purchase or you're refinancing and you're ready to continue, we'll submit your file and get approval from one of our lenders (everything will be discussed with you along the way). The lender will send back their commitment which we will have you sign via DocuSign and at this time we'll collect any documents we haven't already collected from you and satisfy any of the lender's conditions (such as order an appraisal).

A few days before your closing date you will meet with (or virtually meet with) your lawyer for a final signing appointment.

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