Why Use a Mortgage Broker

Why Use a Mortgage Broker

There Is No Cost for Our Services

Mortgage brokers are paid by the lender only after your mortgage has funded. There is no cost for the service we provide.

Only when we must use subprime or private lending options is there ever a brokerage fee. This fee is disclosed up front - and we never suggest anything that is not in your best interest.

Mortgage Brokering Is All We Do

Just like how you specialize in what you do, we specialize in what we do. And what we do is mortgages. Every day since 1999 we have been doing mortgages. When you’re making such a large financial decision it’s best to at least consult a true expert. That’s us.

Bank employees are trained to sell their own mortgage products. An experienced mortgage broker is well versed in the entire mortgage landscape and all the available offerings.

Bank Employees Use Us

Lot’s of our clients are bank employees. They know first hand that better product selection and rates are available through a broker.

Large Lender Selection

We have access to most of the Major Canadian Banks and Credit Unions. In addition, we have access to all the major monoline lenders. Monoline lenders deal only in mortgages and compete directly with the banks.

Some people like to stay with their bank. We can put your mortgage with your bank and often get you a better rate than they can offer in the branch. Not to mention we make the entire process much easier.

Subprime and Private Lenders Available

If you have credit issues or unverifiable income we can look at your options with subprime and private lenders. The rates are a bit higher, but it may allow you to achieve your goals faster. We can always refinance you with an A lender in the future once you’re financially ready. We keep in touch with you over the life of your mortgage.

Fast Approvals

Once you provide the information we need and the documents we request we will get an approval for you fast. Often within 24 hours.

Anywhere in Ontario

The entire mortgage process can be done via phone and email. This allows us to have clients all across Ontario. If you’re in the area and want to meet in person we can do that too.

We keep you informed

We keep you informed and updated along the way. You always know what stage we’re at, whether we’re waiting on documents for you, or we have submitted your file to a lender and waiting for your approval to come back.

After your mortgage funds, we still continue to keep in touch over the life of your mortgage making sure your needs are met.

We help Self-Employed Borrowers

There are multiple ways of underwriting self-employed mortgage applications. Even when you have done your incomes taxes for tax reduction purposes. We’ll get you an approval for the highest possible amount.

We care about you

Our business is built on referrals and repeat clients. This means you we do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable and easy.